Today my dad arrives from Florida, so Rolla beware!  Lucky for us, it’s starting to get a bit colder and the speedos probably didn’t make the trip with him. 😉

I finished sewing the satin ribbon flower on Leslee’s dress, which almost didn’t zip up!  I was about to frantically call the seamstress at Matilda’s Magic Needle (and she really IS magic!) for a last-minute alteration when we got it.  Whew!

Most of the items left on my list are food items for the reception, and those will have to wait until Friday, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now.  I made a list, checked it numerous times and have crossed items off as I’ve completed them.

Too bad weather control isn’t on my list!  The forecast keeps going back and forth between sun and rain.  To be frank, as long as it’s not raining from about 5-7pm, I’m good.  Otherwise, I’ll have to resort to the back up plan, which involves a big elk head and eww, nobody wants that.

I can’t wait to have my dress on again.  I’ve intentionally not tried it on more than absolutely necessary to keep it exciting and fresh for me.  In between fittings, I forget how fabulous I feel like I look in it.  Then I put it on and remember. 🙂

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4 Days and Counting…

I have done absolutely NOTHING wedding related today. 🙂

Our morning started off with Mike’s beloved XBox freezing up.  For those of you who didn’t read it previously, he was counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds until the release of a new video game, much to my chagrin.  He got about an hour of playing time before the console hit the crapper this morning and our house instantly went into chaos mode.  A year ago, I might not have cared other than empathy for Mike.  Now, however, we all love the console.  It provides entertainment, learning, music and more….not to mention the Plants vs. Zombies game I’m currently addicted to.  Lucky for us, a friend who knows her stuff came over and spent the afternoon fixing it.  Thank goodness for M!!

We also had an appointment to settle what was either going to be a really good or really bad situation.  I am excited to say that it went in the really happy direction!  Sorry, though, no details until after the wedding (hey, I have to keep you reading somehow!).

That pretty much sums up my day.  Oh wait!  I did get a PA from T today, so I guess I did do something wedding related!

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Yikes!  That’s not very long! 

Today is another rest day, since tomorrow is pretty full.  I am busy trying to clean my house, which is perpetually dirty.  Well, it’s not really dirty…more like messy and cluttered.  Currently, there are TWO lollipops stuck to the carpet and a counter piled high with dishes!  I hate cleaning, so I prefer to wait until it’s awful and then revel in my awesome cleaning skills. 🙂

Anyway, nothing specifically wedding-related is going on today.  Tomorrow I hope to acquire a necessary component for having music at the ceremony.  If all goes well, we’ll have a walking-in-song and a stand-and-look-loving-at-each-other-song (although I’m sure Mike will roll his eyes at least once).  Otherwise, we’re nixing the music and having a shorter ceremony.  Either way, I’m happy.

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Food Ideas

Some of you have asked for ideas about fixing gluten-free dishes.  First of all, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to bring a special dish.  It’s quite enough to ask everyone to bring a side item, let alone to make it specific!  However, if you want to make something that you know is gluten-free, here are some suggestions:

Here are some main “outs” for gluten:

Wheat (this includes enriched white flour) and almost any derivative of wheat, barley, caramel color, vinegar, couscous

There are many companies now labelling their GF (gluten-free) foods “gluten-free”, especially Aldi.  Newer Wal-Marts have a specialty GF section, as well as Kroger and Country Mart.  Also, almost all foods will have an allergy warning after the ingredient list and if it says wheat, it’s most likely out.

Click here for a list of some GF side dish recipes.

If you’re a fan of crockpot usage, click here for an entire blog devoted to GF crockpot foods..including side dishes.

If you have a specific dish in mind that you’d like to make but want to alter it to be GF, try a google search for your dish with the words “gluten-free” added in.  Most likely, you’ll find about a dozen different ways to make it.

As always, feel free to call or email me if you have a specific question…if I don’t know, I’ll look it up for you.

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Yesterday I had my trial makeup run and then PARTAY!! 🙂  Here’s a picture of me at the beginning of the evening (I did the hair myself, so don’t judge my hair lady on this ‘do):

Getting the makeup done didn’t take near as long as I thought, so that’s a bonus.  When I first looked in the mirror, I liked it but I thought it was a LOT of makeup.  Of course, the last time I wore any makeup was about a year ago, so that may have something to do with it.  After seeing the pictures, I realize that it’s just the right amount.  I look nice, but not overly made up or blotchy from no makeup.  Way to go Josie!

For the party, we met at Benton Square for food, drinks and music.  If you haven’t been in the place yet, swing by and give it a good look.  The owners have transformed a run-down, yucky building into a beautiful work of art.  The ambiance in that place is amazing.  Unfortunately, though, they had a sudden management change in the past week and the result was nothing short of chaos.  Once they get those kinks worked out, it should be smooth sailing.  The staff was incredibly friendly and tried their best to cater to our every whim.  One of the great things about being “queen for the day” is that I got to try a little of everything…bacon/pineapple pizza, seafood salad, spinach and artichoke dip, cake, etc.

Here’s a shot of my friends descending on the single bartender!  I bet her feet hurt at the end of the night, but she was so nice and gracious with everyone…especially me.

Seeing my nearest and dearest gathered together for ME made me reflect on how fulfilled I feel.  I have a really awesome group of friends.  Each one adds something to my life in a different way.  I think I would feel odd, or somehow not myself, if one of them wasn’t in my life anymore.  It is a good feeling to know this, and I hope that each of them feels the same way.

A month or so ago, a mom in one of my groups offered to make me a shirt for the event.  I said “sure” and never really thought about it again.  Even though we don’t know each other very well, she really DID make a shirt, and it turned out fabulous!  Thanks V, I wore it all night long!! 

Here are the pictures:


I may be flirting with you now but tomorrow I’ll be MARRIED!


Mrs. Thorp-Lancaster

(I don’t change my name for just anyone)

K, who knows me so well, brought me a tiara!  I LOVE tiaras!!  I also wore that all night long.  Here’s a picture of me in that:

It was a fun night and I really appreciated that my friends took time to come and celebrate my happiness with me.  I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

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One Week Left!

Only seven days and I can hardly believe we’re so close now. 

I am not a planner, AT ALL.  I much prefer to deal with situations and plans as they come up, as opposed to having schedules and lists (although I like making lists, just not following through with them), so this feels like a major accomplishment for me.  To be honest, I threw myself into planning because of the sadness I felt after I miscarried late last March.  I think Mike knew planning a wedding would be “good for me” and that is why he’s been so indulgent with my incessant plans, to-dos, workdays, etc.  And, it has been good for me.  Guess what?  Plans aren’t so bad after all.  They can actually help instead of hinder!  Who knew?!?

I found out today one of my cousins who lives in Florida will be coming.  When we were children, it seems like we spent a lot of time together.  His mom and my dad were very close, so tons of my “dad” time was spent in their company.  Eventually, he went to live with his father in Florida and we lost touch, other than the occasional update from my grandmother.  After not seeing each other for over 10 years, we were briefly reunited this past winter when my aunt (his mother) died.  I was so incredibly happy to see him again and so very sad that it had to be in that way.  I remember hugging him as hard as I could and saying pretty much that exact sentiment.  So, the opportunity to see him on a happy occasion makes my heart jump with joy!  I have a LOT of cousins on my dad’s side and they are all special to me, but he is definitely my favorite.  I can’t wait to see him!!

Today’s agenda includes nothing but fun.  It’s been a hard couple of days in my house, so I’m still taking it easy.  This afternoon, I am going to my lady to have a trial run with makeup.  I had planned on having a trial with both hair and makeup, but I decided it was just too much expense…I mean, what I want my hair to look like is fairly simple (not that she isn’t capable!) but makeup is always a bit tricky.  So, I’ll be doing the makeup and then later, my celebration/bachelorette party starts.  I can’t wait!!  I rarely go out without the children, other than work, so this is a double treat.  I think we’re going to have great fun!

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Last night, my dream world was dominated by the suit I’ve had so much trouble finding for Colin to wear.  A friend from one of my groups offered to lend me her son’s, which is greatly appreciated and makes my life easier.  However, until today, I had not yet seen it…lending my dream-self to come up with all sorts of strange suit scenarios.  A lot escapes me since I didn’t write it down first thing this morning, but one thing I distinctly remember is the suit pants being blue corduroy with flowers on them!!  Definitely not what I’m hoping for.  I picked up the suit from another friend today and was pleased to see there were no flowers and no blue, just plain old black. 🙂

Also of note is Mike’s own countdown.  If you’re friends with him on Facebook, you may have noticed that his last status with a countdown was slightly incorrect.  This is because, much to his delight and my dismay, he’s actually counting down the days until a new video game releases.  Yep, that’s right.  He’s NOT counting the days until he marries his beloved, he’s NOT even counting the days until the whole thing is over…he’s counting down until he gets the new Halo!!

Last but not least, we got our marriage license today.  For those of you getting married in Phelps County in the near future, the cost is $51 CASH, not check or credit card or debit card, but CASH.  I was slightly concerned that I might have misread something on the website and the recorder would say, “I’m sorry but you don’t have xyz so you can’t get married next weekend.”  She didn’t though.  She also didn’t laugh at any of our nervous jokes.  I made a comment that certain family members would have to actually write in the number of previous marriages because it only goes up to 4 (4?!?), and she remarked that if it wasn’t at least seven, it was nothing.  Hmm…I guess Missouri has its’ own version of Elizabeth Taylor.

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