Meet my half of the wedding party:

T ~ I met T when we were both in the young parents program.  Being a teenage mother was difficult, but it seemed better knowing at least I wasn’t the only one who actually wanted to parent my child.  We hit it off, but didn’t get to know each other well until a few years later.  I had just moved back from Florida and saw a post by T looking for the same babysitter I used for my kids.  I can’t remember whether I called or emailed, but eventually we met up at the park.  I don’t know who hit it off better, our kids or us!  I do remember hoping that we liked each other and I wasn’t disappointed. 🙂  We’ve been friends ever since.  I think of T as my “mirror” friend…we are very similar in a lot of ways: parenting beliefs, schooling style, sarcastic humor, the list goes on.  There are many times I have wondered if I would be as sane as I am if it weren’t for her.  She was my go-to gal during some incredibly rough times in my life and I will always be appreciative of that.  One of my favorite qualities about T is her willingness to accept the whole me, exactly as I am, without judgment.  She is also incredibly passionate and creative, which shows through in everything she does.  She loves her children fiercely but isn’t afraid to have bad days and say so.  I feel pretty lucky to count her as one of my best friends.

K ~ I’m embarassed to admit that I knew K for a couple years before really getting to know her.  We met in our local homeschool playgroup, and have become increasingly closer over the past few years.  Our daughters adore each other, so I suppose you could say they are somewhat responsible for our current friendship.  When I was pregnant with my youngest son, a tiff between friends deeply affected me and K was there to listen.  At the time, our friendship was just beginning to take form and that sealed the deal.  She had been through something similar and we commiserated with each other.  I have sat back many times since then and marvelled that I *almost* let this amazing person go by as just a fellow playgrouper.  One of my favorite qualities about K is her uncanny ability to see the other side of things.  She is a true earth-mama, a lover of animals, and a beautiful spirit….inside and out.  She is another lovely lady I couldn’t live without.

M ~ I have actually known M my entire life.  Our mothers knew each other before I was born, and we’ve been in & out of each other’s lives for many years.  We lived in different worlds growing up and didn’t become true friends until after we both were mothers, but I believe the last year has deepened our friendship more than I can even begin to explain.  M has a passion for knowledge and many, many times I’ve been incredibly thankful for that passion of hers.  She leads by example and encourages me to embrace my creative self, however small it may be.  Her work is helping shape a better community, a better life, a better world for all women.  She is quite a woman and quite a friend.


One Response to Bridesmaids

  1. Mary Alice says:

    What wonderful descriptions of really wonderful women.

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