Happy Anniversary!

I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year!  As was the theme with well-wishers today, in some ways it seems like it was just yesterday and in other ways it seems like so long ago.

For one thing, our mammoth of a baby boy is here with us now…a few days over 5 months old, in fact…instead of a little peanut inside me.  Our family has changed in what feels like monumental ways with the addition of our fourth child and we dealt with some heavy issues this go around.  Through it all, though, we have had each other and have relied on our friendship.

I had hoped to have the photo slideshow (set to our songs) done today to present, but seeing as I haven’t even loaded the pictures onto my laptop yet and it’s 8pm, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  I guess you’ll just have to keep coming back!  😉

While I was nursing the boys to sleep today, I listened to all the songs from our wedding day and relived the memories I hold so dear.  The one that really makes me well up is the song I walked in to:

The emotions of that moment are still quite palpable, even a year later.  I knew, as soon as the music started, a) that I was going to cry (which I did) and b) that I was walking towards a future I wanted.  I knew that our life together might not always be easy, but it would be ours and perfect for us.

I didn’t used to understand what all the fuss was about with weddings.  Really?  It’s just one day!  After experiencing my own “special day”, I get it.  Truly, it was (for me) magical, everything I could have hoped for…and then some.

Sometimes, when I find myself frustrated or angry with Mike, I remember that day.  It sustains me through the rough patches, reminding me of the pull towards him I feel, the love that moved me to tears.  I hope that everyone, at some point in their lives, has the opportunity to feel that.  And on that note, I leave you with one final picture:





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One Response to Happy Anniversary!

  1. talkbirth says:

    Oh! This made me cry! ❤ you. Congratulations and happy anniversary!!

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