6 Months Later…

Well, okay, it’s technically seven months…but who’s counting?

I had so much fun with this blog, leading up to the wedding, and I hope to continue it…but to be honest, it will most likely be updated infrequently.  I have another blog that gets most of my attention and with a new baby coming, I can’t imagine I’ll even keep that one up.  However, if you stay subscribed or check back every now and then, you’ll see the occasional post. 🙂

About a month after we got married, Mike had “routine” shoulder surgery.  Easy in-and-out operation with minimal recovery time.  Yeah right.  What was supposed to be 6-8 weeks turned into 5 MONTHS!  Thank goodness for excellent benefits, which got us through with even a little to spare most months.

Now, we aren’t your traditional newlyweds, that’s true.  We lived together for about two years before tying the knot and we already had a family.  However, we certainly weren’t used to spending all day, every day together!  I think we did fairly well, for the most part.  The main sticking point was (and always has been) that I’m a get-up-and-go kind of gal and he’s a stay-at-home-in-my-cave kind of guy.  This works out quite nicely when he’s gone to work and I can galavant all day, then we come together in the evenings.  When he’s home all day…not so much.

However, a funny thing happened when he went back to work two weeks ago.  I missed him.  Even though we drove each other nuts when he was home and our “schedule” (stop laughing, those of you who know me well) was thrown off, it felt strange when he was no longer here with us, and not just because I’m nine months pregnant with a toddler to take care of.  We quickly reverted back to talking on the phone several times a day and, for me, looking forward to quitting time. 

I am quite happy with this realization and look forward to many more years of enjoying being in love with my husband!

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