Last night I decided I didn’t like the music I chose previously to use as a processional, so I have spent the morning listening to all types of songs trying to decide on the most fitting.  After much searching, I found what I think will be the perfect songs.  They say exactly what I want to say. 

On the menu for today is last-minute shopping for reception supplies.  Some things you just can’t buy ahead of time…like loaves of bread.  Next, we’ll spend a bit of time picking up the house (again) before family arrives from Illinois.  This afternoon, I get to pick up the dress to take to Grandma’s and try on one last time before the rehearsal. 

I’m not sure what I’m looking most forward to today, my dress, seeing my cousin, or eating fabulous food I didn’t have to cook!

I’ve also spent the morning tearing up (as usual) while trying to actually envision tomorrow.  It’s hard to articulate just how much doing this means to me.  It’s not about the pomp and circumstance, although I enjoy that thoroughly, or that the day is “all about us”, although I enjoy that too, it’s about the love that we feel for each other and want to share with everyone else.  It’s about the way I can’t imagine my life without him and how I don’t sleep as well until he’s next to me.  It’s about the family we’ve made together and will continue to grow, the friends we share our lives with.

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2 Responses to 1!

  1. Michelle E. says:

    Awww, no wonder you’re tearing up! That last paragraph made me tear up! Hugs!!

  2. shauna says:

    That is what it’s all about. It’s great you actually appreciate it all instead of just going through the motions of a big production! You will have an amazing day, Congrats to you both!

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