Today my dad arrives from Florida, so Rolla beware!  Lucky for us, it’s starting to get a bit colder and the speedos probably didn’t make the trip with him. 😉

I finished sewing the satin ribbon flower on Leslee’s dress, which almost didn’t zip up!  I was about to frantically call the seamstress at Matilda’s Magic Needle (and she really IS magic!) for a last-minute alteration when we got it.  Whew!

Most of the items left on my list are food items for the reception, and those will have to wait until Friday, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now.  I made a list, checked it numerous times and have crossed items off as I’ve completed them.

Too bad weather control isn’t on my list!  The forecast keeps going back and forth between sun and rain.  To be frank, as long as it’s not raining from about 5-7pm, I’m good.  Otherwise, I’ll have to resort to the back up plan, which involves a big elk head and eww, nobody wants that.

I can’t wait to have my dress on again.  I’ve intentionally not tried it on more than absolutely necessary to keep it exciting and fresh for me.  In between fittings, I forget how fabulous I feel like I look in it.  Then I put it on and remember. 🙂

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