4 Days and Counting…

I have done absolutely NOTHING wedding related today. 🙂

Our morning started off with Mike’s beloved XBox freezing up.  For those of you who didn’t read it previously, he was counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds until the release of a new video game, much to my chagrin.  He got about an hour of playing time before the console hit the crapper this morning and our house instantly went into chaos mode.  A year ago, I might not have cared other than empathy for Mike.  Now, however, we all love the console.  It provides entertainment, learning, music and more….not to mention the Plants vs. Zombies game I’m currently addicted to.  Lucky for us, a friend who knows her stuff came over and spent the afternoon fixing it.  Thank goodness for M!!

We also had an appointment to settle what was either going to be a really good or really bad situation.  I am excited to say that it went in the really happy direction!  Sorry, though, no details until after the wedding (hey, I have to keep you reading somehow!).

That pretty much sums up my day.  Oh wait!  I did get a PA from T today, so I guess I did do something wedding related!

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3 Responses to 4 Days and Counting…

  1. Lori Doty says:

    Yay for things turning out well even if there was chaos mode for a bit.

  2. Mary Alice says:

    We had a tiny conversation about rehearsal dinner stuff, too. So there’s two wedding-ish things today, I think.

  3. peacefulbeginnings says:

    Oh you’re right! Yay!

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