Yikes!  That’s not very long! 

Today is another rest day, since tomorrow is pretty full.  I am busy trying to clean my house, which is perpetually dirty.  Well, it’s not really dirty…more like messy and cluttered.  Currently, there are TWO lollipops stuck to the carpet and a counter piled high with dishes!  I hate cleaning, so I prefer to wait until it’s awful and then revel in my awesome cleaning skills. 🙂

Anyway, nothing specifically wedding-related is going on today.  Tomorrow I hope to acquire a necessary component for having music at the ceremony.  If all goes well, we’ll have a walking-in-song and a stand-and-look-loving-at-each-other-song (although I’m sure Mike will roll his eyes at least once).  Otherwise, we’re nixing the music and having a shorter ceremony.  Either way, I’m happy.

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2 Responses to 5!

  1. Shawna says:

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with a messy house! (By the way, Matt didn’t roll his eyes, but because we hadn’t seen each other since the night before the wedding, we ended up talking during our song because we were just so excited to see each other!)

  2. dancersummer says:

    That’s funny Shawna! I thought about staying somewhere else (or making him) the night before, but I don’t know if I could sleep without him in the bed! 🙂

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