Wedding Rings

Today I ordered our wedding rings.

We knew we wanted unique rings, instead of just plain gold and diamonds.  After searching Etsy, eBay and various other stores, I settled on a couple of different ones.  I found that I gravitated towards the renewable resource rings, particularly those with interesting designs.  I narrowed it down and then showed them to Mike for final approval.  Here’s what we chose:

The single circle symbols are intended to represent unity revolving around the eternity symbol.  The artists who make these collect the sustainable materials from forests and no two items are exactly alike.  If you’d like to check out some of their Etsy shop, click here.  They have been extremely helpful in choosing the particulars of our rings and have answered all of my many, many questions.  I really can not recommend them enough!

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3 Responses to Wedding Rings

  1. KarlEK says:

    Mike & SummerDawn – very kool and very different. wish that artist would have been around 29 years ago . . .

  2. Dana says:

    I love it, unique and simple and elegant all at the same time!

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