Decorations, Flowers, Scrapbooks, Oh My!

I find it interesting how the details for the reception have just sort of fallen together.  When I envisioned the room, I didn’t really see specific items that I wanted or certain colors.  As I go about my daily life, certain items have appealed to me and slowly a vision for the reception has emerged.  Another interesting note is the damask pattern, the one seen on my invitations, that I seem to be drawn to.  Apparently, it’s very popular this year as I have seen it numerous times on all sorts of things, from fabric to candles.  This has made my life much easier!  

On Saturday, two of my bridesmaids, the cake lady and I went to Illinois and had some wedding shopping fun.    We went to Hobby Lobby first in hopes of finding some nice flowers.  What I envisioned in my head was a single purple dahlia for the ladies, a single red dahlia for my daughter, and a purple dahlia surrounded by red roses for me.  I found it. 🙂 

We found some lovely damask print ribbon that we decided to use as decoration on the cake.  It has wire around the edges to help shape it, and it almost perfectly matches the invitations.  It doesn’t get much easier than that and now my cake will be totally tied in to the rest of the patterns.

Next, I chose some black and white damask fabric to make small squares for under the vases holding the wish trees.  This will draw the eye to the wish tree as well as, again, tie in the damask.

While looking down the scrapbook aisle for something completely non-wedding related, M and I stumbled upon some pretty damask scrapbooks.  I hadn’t intended upon purchasing one of those as we just don’t keep pictures out much in our house.  I like the idea of having a special place just for the wedding photos, though, and why not have a book for that?  It doesn’t matter whether I keep it out or not.  Of course, the decision was easily made when I found a small one that had all the pages ready to go…just fill in with pictures.  Absolutely perfect for me!

The last items I found were candles that were super duper, incredibly cheap (think $1.50).  They have an etched design that looks similar to damask around an initial.  The only hitch is that the initials were wrong.  (Speaking of initials, I guess S and M are very, very popular initials because I could not find them in any of the initialed items….cake toppers, candles, glasses, etc….NONE!)  Having the wrong initials doesn’t deter this bargain shopper.  A little damask patterned ribbon around the center ties them and covers up the wrong initial. 

All together, I spent less than $70.  Not bad at all, if I do say so myself.

After Hobby Lobby, we scoped out the mall.  There I was hoping to find some cheap and plentiful bridesmaid accessories at Claire’s or the Icing.  That was a total miss.  Each store had one or two possibilities, but they either weren’t the right color or they didn’t have enough.  I was pretty bummed about that as I was sure one of them would have the perfect item.  My hope is to find some type of purple head decoration, necklace or brooch to put on them with a matching one in red for L.  Unfortunately, nothing really fit the bill.

We did have one success at the mall though.  I can’t seem to remember the name of the store, but it was a total hippy-dippy store (can anyone say PERFECT?!?) and I truly could have bought everything in there.  What I ended up buying, thanks to the good eyes of the ladies, were rings that were very simple and very pretty.  Purple beads put together in a flowery shape on an adjustable ring.  Almost exactly what I was hoping to find and at the right price.  They were about $7 all together.

All in all, it was a very productive day for my wedding.

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