Picking out songs we like and want to have immortalized as “ours” has been fun and tedious.  It feels important to have songs that mean something to us.  We don’t really have a song that we currently feel is our song, so we’ve spent time looking around and listening.  I have a tendency towards old music, as in 1950-1970, with the 60’s era being among my favorite.  Mike, on the other hand, listens to newer stuff and gravitates heavily towards metal.  How do you combine those styles?? 

What represents us as a couple?  What do we want to say to each other?  What do we want to tell people about us?  What speaks to us?

We finally settled on two songs that we liked and decided to have one played at the actual ceremony and one played as our first dance.  I’m going to post them here, but I won’t tell you which one is which so attendees who read this will still be somewhat surprised. 😉

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2 Responses to Music

  1. ken says:

    You should check out for some awesome wedding music ideas, we have several hundred wedding songs in our huge wedding music library. Head over and build a wedding playlist that you can print, share and get feedback on! I find it to be a really helpful tool when planning wedding music.

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