I knew where I wanted our ceremony to take place before we ever planned on a date…my family’s property in Lake Spring.  In my mind, we would have the entire event outside somewhere.  However, I didn’t really think this through and it turns out having a reception like what we want just doesn’t work outside.  I kept envisioning what my cousin and his wife had, but I forgot about the two months her family spent preparing the property as well as building different structures for shelter and bringing in mobile toilets.  It was beautiful and I loved it, but I don’t have two months to work on all that nor do I have the budget to buy all the materials!  I also didn’t take into consideration how Mike saw the event unfolding.  Yes, the wedding is traditionally more about what the bride wants than the groom…but I want him to enjoy himself too!

After a lot of back-and-forth, we finally settled on the ceremony at Lake Spring and the reception at our local Elks Lodge (and yes, there is indeed a stuffed elk head on the wall…EWW!).  Upon first inspection, the space is perfectly suited to our needs/wants, especially with the decorating pinash of my uber-crafty friends.  While discussing the ins and outs of rental, K and I started messing with the lights.  The lady showed us how to turn off the overheads, turn on the side sconces + recessed lights and VOILA!  We collectively gasped at the difference.   Here are the pictures from flourescent lighting to sconce/recessed lighting:

The highlights of this place are:

*indoor bathrooms!


*stage for DJ

*centered dance floor

*AIR CONDITIONING! or heating, depending on how wacky MO weather is in September     *tables and chairs available

The major drawback to this place was cost.  Hall rental, including cleaning deposit, bartender fee and ice, was $500.  This is the largest expense we’ve had so far, with my dress coming in at a close second.  After figuring the cost for our other reception idea (tent for eating, barn for dancing), we may actually be saving money!  We are also definitely saving labor, which is important since I have no desire to spend the entire week before and several days after the wedding trying to get everything done for the reception.  This way, we just have to go in the morning to decorate and come back the next morning to clean up.

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One Response to Venue

  1. talkbirth says:

    Wow! The lighting difference is AMAZING! I’m impressed. Sounds like there are a lot of benefits to using this place for the reception instead of trying to create something at the wedding site.

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