I have been looking at invitations for weeks now.  My head spins (think Exorcist) every time I even think about them.  I found one I liked, but upon closer inspection, the website was not safe and may have been a total scam. 😦  I really, really liked the invitations though!

I also found some incredibly cheap invitations at Big Lots.  My first thought on those was: too plain and too chincy.  Upon further reflection though, I realize that most people don’t really give a fig about invitations.  They open them and hang them on the fridge to remind them when the event is, maybe, but they throw them away after that.  So, why in the world am I spending tons of money on something that will be thrown away when I could spend tons of money on good food and a fabulous reception??

I bought them and then I went to K’s to hash out the decorating details.  Here’s what they looked like before:

Then, I used a permanent marker to shade in the back flap of the envelope as well as the sides of the invitation red.  I colored the envelope seals purple and intended to print the words in purple.  I handwrote one in purple so I could see what I wanted the wording/spacing to look like and realized that printed purple was going to be way too light.  After several style/color changes, I finally decided on bolded black type with purple S and M (I wanted to play up the S & M because both of us find it humorous).  All the coloring and printing took longer than I thought!  Of course, it didn’t help that I printed quite a few invitations with the lighter type and had to hand-trace them to be dark enough.  Note to other brides…practice on one before printing any more!!  Here’s the finished product:

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Invitation:  35 cents a piece (I think I bought about 80)

Reply Card: 5 cents a piece (I bought 75)

Markers: around $30   **a note on the markers: Check to see if you can buy in bulk before purchasing a package.  I only need red Sharpies and was able to get a package of 12 reds for a good price.  This off-set the cost of the purple I chose, which was only available in a ridiculously expensive package!

Envelope Seals: $2.50

Printing:  The color ink in my home printer is now gone, but I have no idea how much was in there before and I rarely use it!  I also had the “details” printed at Staples for 5 cents a copy…so, around $7.00.

Total cost: around $70.00

I’m pleased with that!  For me, having the ability to change things around until I got just what I wanted was worth the effort.  I also like that the cost wasn’t paid out all at once, so it really didn’t seem like I spent very much. 🙂

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4 Responses to Invitations

  1. Dana says:

    Gorgeous! They look so professional and expensive! Nice job.

  2. Shawna says:

    We’re an S and M, too! We think it’s funny!

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