Money has been especially tight the last two weeks, so I haven’t done much wedding planning, buying, etc.  I have been slowly working on invitations after the little one goes to sleep at night, which makes me feel like I’m at least doing something!  I hope to have the invitations done by the end of this week…they really should be in the mail already!! 

Putting on a wedding with a tight budget is a lot of work.  It involves thinking outside the box and making as much as possible myself, although some things are easier and cheaper when bought!  If a handmade item is going to take lots of precious time and cost almost as much as it would to just buy it, I’d much rather put my time in elsewhere. 

Lucky for us, we have a FREE place to hold the ceremony (and reception, should we choose to go that route), which cuts the cost down dramatically.  We’re going to ask a friend to “officiate” instead of paying a minister, so again, we’ll save on that.  Still, some things just cost money and there’s no way to get around that.  Having a DJ, for example, is important to M and I want to honor that.  Food is another.  We’re having guests bring a dish (choosing from three options: salad, rice or potato dish) to add to the mix, but we’re providing the main sustenance as well as drinks.  Those are probably our largest costs so far.

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