*I use the terms red, purple, blue, orange, etc. as opposed to maroon, plum, eggplant, sepia, whatever because it’s just easier.  How the hell do I know whether it’s plum, eggplant, or some other strange name??*

Picking colors proved to be extremely difficult for me.  Since my dress has red in it, we knew red had to be one color.  The two choices I finally narrowed it down to were:

 Red, orange, brown, etc.


Red, black, purple, white

Both combinations appeal to me. 

I like the earthy tones for an outdoor wedding as well as how nicely they compliment each other.  They seem to have a “flow”, which is definitely cool.  Those colors should be easy to find in September, and lots of decorations could be made from items found outdoors.

I like the vibrant tones because they are so striking.  They complement each other well, but the contrast just dazzles the eye.  I appreciate color combinations that really pop.  I also love purple and would probably use decorations for this color scheme in my home after the wedding, so then I won’t feel so guilty spending $$ on them.

After much back and forth, I have decided to go with the second set.  I kept coming back to that one, and I find myself increasingly drawn to decorations that go with those colors.  I also think it eases the difficulty of what to put on the wedding party.  The other colors, while still beautiful together, provided a lot of turmoil for dressing everyone. 

I’m thinking Mike, the kids, & I will all be in red/black/white and the wedding party will have more black with touches of red/purple/white.  The bridesmaids will have black dresses with a sash in either red or purple, tied to match my sash.  The groomsmen will wear black pants, white shirts, and red or purple ties.  I hope it will look as good as it does in my mind!

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