The Dress!

Last Wednesday, I went dress trying-on.  My intention was to see if the style of dress I liked online actually looked good on me, but not to buy anything.  I failed miserably!  I tried on several dresses and some of them were just downright blech.  I discovered that my tall, slender frame does NOT look good in chopped styles like the one below.  It separates my top half and my lower half, actually making me appear shorter!

  I also tried on a mermaid-style dress, the one that hugs your curves (what curves?!) and then flares at the bottom.  So NOT me.

The dress I had intended on purchasing was empire waist with chiffon flowiness.  I gravitate towards this style of dress in my everyday wear, so it only made sense that I would love this one.

I told my friend that my ideal dress would incorporate the stylings of above and also have a low back, one of my favorite features, as well as maybe a corset.  We figured I wouldn’t be able to find an empire waist with low back, but I was still happy with my choice. 

A dress I tried on earlier appealed to me, even though it was definitely not what I had come in looking for.  I decided to try it on again, just to see.  When I put it on the second time, I could barely take my eyes off myself.  I felt so beautiful.  M asked me how I felt and I replied that I felt like a princess.  Then the lady brought out a veil….and I fell in love.  The veil completed the dress and sealed the deal for me.  I cried.  How sappy is that??  I cried because I felt so beautiful and I cried because in that moment, in that dress, my wedding became real for the first time.  I am really getting married.  I am really getting married.  I am really getting married because I want to, because he asked me, because he wants to, because we love each other and we want to be with each other.

Oh, and here’s a peek at the dress…

That’s all you get until after the wedding!!

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4 Responses to The Dress!

  1. Mary Alice says:

    Lovely, lovely dress. But you look good in anything. I’m so happy you found ‘the’ dress.

  2. Dana says:

    Ahhh! That picture is such a tease. I can’t wait to see the real thing! It looks perfect.

  3. dancersummer says:

    I know Dana! 🙂 How fun is that?!

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